A Special Story

You walk through the door greeted by the steam of the onsen caressing your skin as your remove your robe.  Naked you cross the room and open the second door stepping out on to the deck.  The warm steam is immediately ripped away by a sharp cold hardening your body making you gasp.  A second, outside onsen steams on the cold winter air.  Hurriedly you step over the cold wood of the deck, goose bumps rippling over your flesh just before you plunge your feet into the nearly scolding hot water of the onsen.  

The tiles inside the water are nearly slippery under your toes as you ease yourself in, the cold of your skin prickles under the water washing away the goose bumps and you ease yourself down into a sitting position.  The heat of the water as it envelopes your ass and pussy is intense but bearable and you slip under letting the water wash over your stomach, chest, breasts and shoulders.  The heat eases the pressure on your body, softening your nipples from the cold, relaxing your muscles and making you sigh with relief.  The intense heat is only comfortable for a little while though, easing yourself back to sitting you find a happy medium, water at your hips, beasts and chest in the cold and icy night air, legs and waist submerged in the hot spring water.  It is relaxing, you close your eyes and a smile creeps over your face.

You’re not sitting there long, eyes closed and enjoying the pleasure of the water, before you feel fingertips touching your shoulders and running lightly along your outstretched arms. You’re startled at first, but the calm commanding pressure of the hands relaxes you and you smile knowing exactly who’s hands these are.  His fingers are cold on your warm skin and you slide another inch into the water to readjust the balance.  The man, kneeling behind you, commands;

“Keep your eyes closed”

You know that voice well and you lean your head back as if to sneak a peek, but with a grin full of the cheeky ness you know he loves you keep your eyes closed as commanded.  Fingers caress your arms running from your outstretched wrists, along your forearms presenting just a little pressure on your skin.  A light scratch just inside the elbow gives you a shiver and your arms goosebump in the cold night air, but you don’t move to the water yet even if it does make you squirm a little.  Up your biceps they travel, feeling the curves of your arms and shoulders, thumbs running along your shoulder blades as the fingers wrap around all the way to your collar bones, these large hands you know so well now fully encompassing your shoulders and gripping you gently.

Fingers slide up, along the collar bone and on to your neck.   Pushing along your skin, another shiver but you resist the urge to move deeper into the water, they run up your neck, fingers splayed out to touch as much of the soft skin of your neck as possible.  There is gentle pressure on your neck, your head still looking up, arches back a little more exposing the skin to those hands submissively.  His left hand cups around your head and into your hair while the right cups your chin, palm now resting on your throat, your head held in this mans hands and his gentle but firm grip.

You can feel his body shift a little, hands still holding your head.  You feel his breath on your lips.  The warmth of his face close to yours in the cold night air.  You hear the crack of his lips parting and almost involuntarily part your own in expectation of them touching.  The temptation to open your eyes is suddenly immense, but you keep them closed waiting expectantly. Light wet pressure on your bottom lip.  You move your head searching for it, but it’s gone. Again on your top lip, but you hold still this time, mouth open, and the smooth wet tongue runs across your lip.  You search it out with your own tongue, touching it briefly before again it’s gone.  You feel a light tickle on your own extended tongue, the press of this mans tongue against your own as his thumb creeps up your neck and over your chin.  His tongue and yours slowly caress each other, searching each other and running smoothly over each other.  Suddenly his lips are against yours, pressed hard, your head braced by his hand in your hair, your mouth held open by his thumb on your chin, you have no choice but to accept his lips on yours and his tongue deep into your mouth.

As you kiss those lips you know so well his hand slips from your chin and slides back down over your neck.  Across your collar and your chest the fingers ripple over your ribs and between your breasts, down over your sternum and stomach and into the water, just though to wet them a little.  They run back up your body, tracing a trail of water with them that is warm against your skin.  Up your chest, down to your right breast, under your breast, skin warm with the water is it trails around, across the skin above your nipple before, circling it slowly the finger encases your right nipple in the warmth of the water.  The caress is only brief however before the fingers are gone and the hand is back at your throat again enjoying the kiss, still deep and intense as your tongues slap at each other playfully.  The water trailed across your skin grows cold and you can feel the exact line it has traced across you as it chills in the night air.  Your skin prickles in goose bumps as the water on your nipple chills, forcing it to harden as it grows cold.  An involuntary shiver courses through you even as you kiss and you can feel the slight smile on the mouth pressed against your lips.  

The urge to slide into the water grows as your breast and nipple get cold and hard.  You realise, though you are still kissing passionately, his hands are gone from your neck and hair, your head nestled now against his shoulder.  The touch of fingers gripping your cold breast is enough to make you gasp, drawing breath through his kiss, which doesn’t waver though you can feel the smile creep back into those lips.  The fingers of both hands grip and caress the breast, warm now against the cold skin.  The fingers slide up towards the still cold and hardened nipple.  They grasp it.  Gently at first, they seem to know that pushing a nipple this hard too far would be too much.  You can feel the warmth relax the nipple a little in his fingers, a light moan escapes your lips into his and you feel his grip tighten.  Pressing your nipple between thumb and forefinger he squeezes.  It’s only gentle, but to your nipple, still hard feels like a vice and a light squeak escapes your throat while his tongue escapes your mouth and avoids the teeth as they close.  

Loosening his grip on your nipple he caresses the flesh under his fingers.  The hardness warms as it begins to soften in his hands and you feel his tongue against your teeth.  You relax, not realising how tight this made your whole body, and allow his tongue entrance back into your mouth.  Your nipple tingles, you can feel it right through your body, through your belly button and down into your pussy like a nerve joining all of you together.  The nipple, now soft again in his fingers.  The moment is fleeting however as his fingers grip again on your nipple again between thumb and forefinger.  He squeezes tightly, tighter than before now the nipple is a little more relaxed.  Your teeth close over his tongue, holding it in your mouth so he knows what’s coming.  He’s not phased and you feel the fingers grip tighter and twist.  The delicious pain arcs through you and your teeth clamp down on his tongue, he groans into your mouth lips working against yours showing this pain is just fuelling his desire.  He holds the grip right for a moment before sliding his fingers along your nipple and slipping them off the end.  The intensity of the feeling is enough to make you cry out into his mouth and you release his tongue, but it doesn’t retreat from your mouth.  It licks against your teeth and tongue gently before he finally removes his lips from yours.

You hear the splash of feet in the water beside you as he shifts his body, one foot either side of you and his hands guide your body to turn so you kneel in the water before him.  He lifts your chin turning your face up towards him.  You’re a good girl and your eyes are still closed.  

“Tell me you want it.”  He tells you.  You nod, “Yes” you try to say still feeling the tingle through your body starting with your nipple, your voice catches in your throat.  “I want you Dan, I want to feel you inside me.”  You finish.

“Open your eyes baby.”  

You comply, looking up a little you see him staring down at you, your head held in his large hands.  You can see the satisfaction in his eyes and the mischievous grin on his face.  Your eyes turn down, his cock rests before you, hard and pulsating with his quickened pulse.  A spec of pre-cum rests on the tip of his penis and before you realise you’ve done it, your tongue reaches out, licks it away and takes it into your mouth. He breathes out quickly with the moment;

“Take me all the way into your throat baby, show me how deep you can take me”.  

Opening your mouth to him you feel his hand tighten in your hair and his cock slides into your mouth.  His cock is hard and it fills your mouth quickly.  You slide your tongue across him on the underside of his cock, you push it up against the roof of your mouth and as he with withdraws for the first time you follow, rolling your tongue around the head inducing groans or pleasure from him.  His grip on your hair tightening again he pushes back into your mouth, deeper this time up against the back of your throat.  Reaching under your chin with his other hand he caresses your neck with his fingers.  He holds himself deep in your mouth a moment before withdrawing again.  Turning your face up to look at him you see the intense look on his face as he pushes back into you and your eyes close.  He grips your head and plunges himself in and out of your mouth over and over as you wrap your lips carefully around him, not pressing hard but making sure there is full, wet contact with the shaft of his cock.  You can feel your body reacting to his obvious desire, your groin flushing, relaxing the right places and tightening in others.  His cock is pressing deep in your mouth with each thrust, up against the back of your throat.  With one last push he holds his cock there again, pressing hard against the back of your throat a moment before withdrawing. 

You take a few deep breaths as he holds your head back so he can look you in the eyes.  He turns you back to his cock and pulls you on to him, his cock slipping back into your mouth and slowly reaching the back of your throat.  He holds it there a moment before thrusting into you again, pushing past the boundary, pushing the head of his cock into your throat as it grips tightly onto it. He pushes until his entire length is deep within you and holds it there before releasing you to breathe.

“Oh my go...” you start to exclaim but his lips are on yours before you can finish, tasting you while your hands reach out to stroke his slick hard cock rubbing your own saliva up and down his shaft and over the head.  He pulls his lips from yours and pulls you back into his cock pressing straight for the back of your throat again.  No waiting this time, he pressed deep inside you, arching his back a little this time and thrusting he’s able to push even deeper into you’re throat, pushing back and forth while he’s there as an “oh yes!” escapes his lips along with a groan of pleasure.  Again he releases you and you draw breath, strings of wetness from your throat running from your mouth to his cock.  He takes your mouth into his again, shuddering as your hand rubs his cock, his body visibly experiencing ecstasy at your touch.  Before you realise it his cock is again in your throat, thrusting deep, your face right up against his pelvis.  You reach up with a hand a cup his balls pulling him against you, letting him know it’s ok to go as deep as he can.  He takes advantage thrusting his hips forward further, deeper into your throat before releasing you again.  

Hand under your chin he raises you to your feet and stands with you.  Spinning you around so your back is against him, his cock pressed hard against your back, his hands run over your body, your stomach, your breasts, and up your neck he tilts your head up and to the side so his lips can meet yours.  You can feel your bodies turning as you stand together, knee deep in the water.  As you stop, his hand reaches around the back of you head, grasping in your hair as his other hand low on your stomach, he releases the kiss, stares you in the eyes and then bends you over pushing you down to your knees in the water bent over the edge.  His hand, releasing your hair, nails out he runs it down your back trailing red lines all the way to your ass.  You feel his fingers leave your skin before with a wet smack you feel a sting on your right ass cheek.

Sliding his hand over your cheek, down and between your legs, into the water and then back up the inside of your thigh and over your pussy lightly, up between your cheeks and over your ass.  He stops, pressing lightly on you before sliding a finger into you, not deep and gentle, testing you.  You sneak a glance back over your shoulder and can see the desire on his face that you know so well.  He notices you sneaking a peek, his grin makes you smile before you feel his other hand slap against your other ass cheek, the sting making you squeak a little and look away.  

“Hold still baby”

You feel something cold against your thigh.  Colder than his skin.  He runs it up your leg, over your bottom cheek and against your ass where he still holds his finger.  Sliding his finger free you feel it press against you, penetrate you slowly, opening you before sliding into place.  The feeling is familiar as you recognise the butt plug, the present you bought just for him.  

“Don’t move baby”

He says as you hear him stand, leave the leave the pool and the room.  You’re a good girl though so you hold still and it’s not long before he returns.  He’s holding something but you can’t see what it is.  A splash as he returns to the water behind you and again between your legs you feel his hand.  He slides it back up to your pussy, over your skin and up he taps the plug.

“Good girl” he says before sliding that hand back down, over your pussy and sliding a finger inside you.  His left hand reaches forward gripping your hair and turning your head so you can see him. He slides that finger in and out of you, curled backwards inside you feeling the shape of the plug inside you through the walls of your pussy.  Suddenly one finger becomes two penetrating deeper and you can feel your urge building.  Your breathing quickens as he grips your hair tighter, his fingers move faster feeling you.  The fingers come out and you feel something else against you, then penetrating you and you realise he’s brought the monster for you.  He pushes it inside you, it’s deep and tight against your plug.  He pulls your hair again and continues to penetrate you over and over.  You can feel it building, the need to cum edging closer as you watch him work on you, concentration and satisfaction on his face.  He glances at you.  

“Not yet baby, you don’t get to cum yet.”

Leaving the monster buried deep in your pussy he turns you over.  Onto your back.  Standing in front of you pulls you up so you’re sitting and taking your hand he lowers it down to the monster letting you grip it yourself.  He stands there, cock hard in front of your face, watching you pleasure yourself, feet in the water and ass on the edge of the pool.  He steps forward and you eagerly take him into your mouth pulling the monster into your pussy with your hand and letting him slide the shaft of his cock over your lips eagerly.  You moan into his cock with pleasure as he moans his own, “no baby, hold it back”.  You want to cum, but you’re a good girl and you keep it on the edge, waiting, rimming yourself carefully as all of a sudden the winter air feels like a summer day.  Two hands on your head he pushes himself in and out of your mouth.  “Do you like my cock in your mouth baby?” you try to answer yes baby, but it’s a muffled acknowledgment you can tell he feels right through his cock into his body because he starts moving faster, more frantically.  He pushes deep into you and holds it there as you do the same with the monster inside you, you glance up to see that look on his face and you know he’s close.  You’ve been close for a while, you wonder how much longer you can keep holding yourself there.  

Without removing his cock from your mouth he asks, “do you want to cum baby?”  You nod up at him and he pumps his cock out and deep back into you.  “Tell me you want to cum baby” he says.  You can’t speak, his cock still buried within your mouth but you’re a good girl and you try.  I want it baby you try to say and as you look up the smile of satisfaction on his face edges you closes as he pumps his cock again and again.  “Cum for me baby” he groans more than says, you can feel his cock primed and ready to spill his cum into your mouth.  You finally let go, slamming the monster in and out of yourself recklessly.  His cock spasms, in and out, spasms, in and out, spasms, and all of a sudden your mouth is filled with hot cum.  Your own tension snaps at the same time, you cum hard pushing the monster deep into yourself and holding it there as the walls of your pussy grip and release exaggerated by the plug in your ass and you moan into his cock.  His cum, filing you, drips from your mouth as you moan spilling it across you as you hear him groaning into his orgasm intensely.  As he slides himself from your mouth you swallow what remains and he reaches down with a thumb wiping some from your chin and tucking it between your lips.  You suck his thumb as he removes it and his lips follow closely behind kissing your passionately tasting the remaining flavour of himself on your lips.  

You remove the monster as he sits in the water, you slide across and into his lap in an embrace to enjoy the rest of your soak embraced together. 

“I love you Bec.  Happy Valentine’s Day baby.”