Dogs of War

On the Bench - 16th June


Now that Horatio is complete, I'm working on my next project, the Pay Cart.  In KoW I'll use this as a battle shrine as it's most appropriate for that role.  In 9th Age it works well as either an Arcane Engine or a Battle Altar.  It's a fun model, well at least the characters on it are.

First up is the Pay Master.  I've promised my friend that if he manages to defeat the Demon Price of another mate that smashed my army up then I'll let him name my Pay Master.  He hasn't come up with a name yet.

Edit: Salvatore Gregorio the Rotund, High Lord Exchequer of the Moot it is.

Every other picture I found of this fat little grubby man had him wearing a shirt, but I just didn't see it in the cast so I painted his top half naked.  I tried to give the impression of shiny silk wrapped around his ample belly to lather him in opulence, he does of course control the money for my lustful army after all.  

I used some different shades on his face to give him the red faced look of a man who spends too much time with drink and heavy foods and I'm really happy with the outcome.  I wasn't impressed with the cast issues around his eyes or his hands, but I love the rest.  His beard, hands, shoes and necklace are not finished yet.


Then there's Mydas the Mean.   I've posted a few photos of this guy already as i did a non metallic gold photo shoot and tutorial with him.  He's done, but still needs weapons, I haven't' decided what to give him yet.  Not sure what went wrong with my photo here, it came out rather overexposed.


Finally I have the chest.  I'd lost the lid so I thought I'd try my hand at green stuffing my own.  The lid is made with Fimo, and green stuff for the surroundings.  I molded a half cylinder for the base, then etched otu the wood grain finish.  It was pretty easy to do.  Then just added in green stuff for the metal bindings and rivets.  Pretty happy with the result, not a master piece, but then it's just a lid.  I'm not good with green stuff so I'm pretty chuffed.

Finally, here's a group shot of what's in progress.


Not forgetting Mr Ed in the background, he's going to get some attention for this piece too.

And that's what On the Bench.