Volands Venators

Project Complete - Dogs of War - Volands Venators

So this project started out as test to see how quickly I could paint non metallic metal using the loaded brush technique and an opportunity to practice my loaded brush wet blending.  I never really expected to be totally happy with the results due to the speed at which I wanted to paint them.

Credit where credit's due, Painting Buddha is an excellent site where I learned so much about how to paint with this technique and one of the main reasons for giving it a crack.  Please visit their site and check out their videos, or even better donate or join so that they can afford to keep it running.

I'm fairly happy with the results in the end, especially on Voland himself and I've really enjoyed painting these models.  There are actually 7 of them, I've only posted 5 because they photograph better.

Non Metallic Metal - Practice Practice Practice


Non metallic metal, or NMM,  is a daunting endeavor.  Almost every video you see will look painstakingly difficult and time consuming.  The outcome looks fantastic and best of all you don't have to work with metallic paint.  I hate working with metal paints because the clump, they are hard to get even and in bright light they they are so reflective it's hard to see how you are painting.  They also get into your water and infect your other paints of you don't change your water.  

My Dogs of War / Kingdoms of Men / Empire of Sonnishtal are largely heavily armored humans and I want to paint a whole army with NMM, so with that in mind I needed a faster technique.  I stumbled across the loaded brush technique and here I am.  

Completed first attempt  

Completed first attempt  

You can find heaps of detail on how to perform the loaded brush technique of wet blending on Painting Buddha, a wonderful site that you should really support if you find them helpful.  They make amazing videos. 

So the trick with this technique is practice practice practice.  Learning how wet to make the brush, how much highlight to put on the tip depending on the size of the material and how bright you want the highlight and the right thickness of each of the paints.  When you do it right the results are amazing and right now I get it right 1 in 2 or 3 (or 4) attempts. 


So to practice I'm painting a unit of Knights.  The pictures on Here are the WIP, and almost the whole model is done with the loaded brush.  They are far from my best work, but it is quick, maybe half an hour for the metal on each horse, and I'm getting faster.  Please (pretty please?) ignore the shoddy work on the extra bits like gloves and faces, like I said these are practice models for the NMM look and otherwise paited up to "battlefield" quality.

Final horse, obviously not complete but the armour is

Final horse, obviously not complete but the armour is