Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyen

Firstly, shout out to 4 Star Minis for producing this miniature.  They are a small group producing crowd sourced miniatures in small volume.  Get online and get involved if you're keen on something pretty unique.

I love Dragon Ball Z and I couldn't miss the opportunity to paint this guy.  It's a great sculpt and an excellent cast, I had heaps of fun painting it.

This time I took progress shots; 

I messed up my first attempt at the skin.  Tried the glaze I often use on faces, but it really doesn't work well over a large area and it just makes him look dirty rather than shaded so I started again.

So I went to a more traditional glazing and layering effort.

Much happier with the outcome.  High contrast, rich colour.  It does look a little like bare muscle with no skin in the last pic, but I added a few layers of skin shade at the end to clean it up and once the head was done I think it blended together much better.

I made the base myself using sculpy, just used a glass to get a circle base, used a ball to create a concave impression and then a scalpel to break it up and make it look cracked.  A few small stones and some gouges and it's done.  


Anyway I'm calling it done, pretty happy with the result and had a good time crafting it up.