Danelliad the Impetuous, High Warden of Westralia

I've really got to stop letting my mates name my miniatures.  Say hello to Danelliad the Impetuous, High Warden of Westralia, as so named by my mate Alex who was to supply the shield in return for naming rights, but I ended up free handing one instead.

When I was last at my parent's house I stole this miniature from my father to paint for him as a gift for his birthday.  He's seen it already and is heading over soon for a trip and I'll give it to him to take home.  It's the first time I've painted a miniature as a gift, also my first high elf model and I don't feel nearly as clean as I expected to feel after finishing it up.

I had fun with the cloak testing out some techniques for textured material.  The NMM was really good fun on this guy too.  i think a little sharper contrast on the helmet and mail would have been nice but I'm happy with the result.  Most of all I'm happy to take away a first place at MOAB's painting comp in the single figure category for the 2nd year running.

Hope you like it.