Demigods Evolution - Sentinel (Twocans Bowlass)

I've really got to stop letting my friends name my miniatures.  This is Twocans Bowlass, a Demigods Evolution model named Sentinel.  She was rather fun to paint, and not just because I'm a deviant who enjoyed painting a pinup model, but because she's well made and I really liked the expression.

This model was an attempt at a single light source in a dark room, diffused a little like the opening of a cave in the distance.  The shadows around her feed are painted on.  The photos, in hindsight, came out a little dark so I stylised a couple for fun.  Skin is a single dark glaze colour (applied over several layers) over the light flesh tone with highlighting to white to give a slightly dirty effect that I like.

I hope you enjoy it, this is my entry for the crystal dragon this year.