On The Bench - September 12

I went on a short holiday recently and stayed with my parents on the other side of the country.  My dad used to collect high elves and enjoyed painting them, but these days he's not able to find the time or patience for it, so I've stolen one of his models while I was there with the goal of painting it for him as a present for Christmas.  

He's still in progress, but coming along quite nicely.  All the metal is Dark Sea Blue and White from the Model Color range of Vallejo.


I've been working on trying to add a little texture to my cloth areas.  In this case, a few horizontal lights along the highlights to make it look more like textured cloth.  I think it's worked ok, but perhaps it's a little too subtle.  Added a little gold trim and a an elf rune free hand to test my free hand skills, something I've never really been very good at, and I'm happy with the result even though it's quite simple.


Not very forgiving photos for a 28mm model, but I'm pretty chuffed with how it's going.  Now to work on the base and find a good way to tie int he colours.

And that's what's on the bench.