Gilgamesh the Sickly - The Giant of Albion

Sometimes you don’t see em coming… and then sometimes you do
— Nitin, Singing Bard of Lathara

Gilgamesh the Sickly is often seen sauntering around the edges of the Forest of Galahir.  Cyclops are nominally peaceful in nature, but territorial and brutal should they find you trespassing.  Don't let Gilgamesh's sickly appearance fool you as he'll happily spend hours sucking the marrow delicately from your bones and views human eyes as a delicacy similar to caviar.  Despite his delicate palette he's not the most subtle of monsters to roam the Ardovikian Plain, so when you hear him coming best get out of his way.

One of the local gaming stores here is having a small painting comp to get some exposure.  Good Games Top Ryde BTW if anyone is interested, and I recommend you check out their Facebook group, they seem like a good bunch.  I thought I'd patin this guy up as a tester for my new Beast army.

As for method, he was base coated black, the skin was airbrushed with dark flesh, then zenith highlighted with standard flesh.  Shading with army painter strong tone mixed with purple to give him a sickly look.  The eye is just a standard eye with an orange highlight in the middle.  I dotted the pupil this time and I'm pretty chuffed with the result.  I shaded the face a little red to make him look just that little bit sicker and over highlighted his belly to make it look super portly.  

The base was a test on my basing scheme for the new beasts army.  To be honest it's not finished.  It needs longer reeds and some trimming on the grass but it's ok.  The water effects actually came out a little gooey, but not enough to be a problem or to be sticky so I'm happy enough.  I'm really happy that the 12mm grass worked just fine through the static grass applicator!  Can't wait to do troops of hunters stalking through long grasses.  

I feel like I shouldn't draw attention to it because I rushed them and they're not good, but I made the hands from scratch.  I was running out of time and they were taking ages so they're not well painted nor well sculpted.  Sculpting is hard, but I'm please with myself for the result as a very first sculpting effort on anything of note.

Anyway that's enough text, hope you enjoy him, Gilgamesh the Sickly