On The Bench - 25th April


Life has been a little in the way recently so these guys are taking much longer than I'd like.  The base is done and the first 10 or so models are done with 7 placed on the base.  A bit of touching up is required on each model and then a matt varnish coat.  The polished bronze armour is all done with NMM loaded brush technique, it's pretty quick to do actually now and I still hate working with metallic paints.

I am a little worried about how well the army is going to tie together.  Common colour theme doesn't work well with a money grubbing out for themselves dogs of war army.  I have blues and greens and grays and reds and golds with plenty more to come.  Here's hoping the bold basing colours are enough to tie it all together.

I did manage to get myself two new brushes.  The ever popular Windsor and Newton Series 7.  They are great, easily as good as the Raphaels I've beeen using.  If you are looking for a great brush at a good price, checkout www.discountgw.com.au .  Good site, easy to order and fast delivery.