On the Bench - 30 Nov

Ok it's been ages since I've posted, and it's not because I've lost all motivation, I've just been too busy to make any progress that I'm proud of.   I've been working on basing also, which is time consuming and not overly impressive step by step.  

Anyway I've been working on the Cursed Company.  These guys are an undead legion of cursed soldiers roaming the battlefield for remnants of fame and fortune.  I wanted to do some OSL as the standard beared is going to hold a standard glowing bright purple driving the dead across the battlefield.


I'm about 1/4 of the way throught he unit, but I've run out of skulls.  More are coming soon.


Most of the unit are old empire swordsman models with skeletal arms, heads and some weathering / cutting up of their uniforms weapons and shields.  All non metallic, but this time I've rusted it up with some hull red and rust pigments.  They are pretty quick to paint, so hopefully I'll get my skulls and smash out the rest over the next week or two.

And that's what's on the bench.