Creating Motivation

So I figured that it would be a good idea to have my first post in this blog be about how to create motivation in three easy guidelines.  I have been in this hobby for over 20 years in one way or another and during that time I have spent years at a time not picking up a brush or dusting off my models because I had lost motivation.  Right now my motivation is high and here is how I like to keep it that way, so if you're in the same boat or if you're struggling to keep motivated, perhaps this list of my thoughts could help.

1. Create a narrative for your work

Every piece I work on has some kind of narrative that describes the background and history of the model.  Even a piece as simple as a tree should have some kind of thematic story to help inspire me to produce my best work.  My current Warhammer Vampire Counts army has a narrative for each model or unit.  Here's an example for the short narrative for my zombie horde.

Did the blood sacks that made their lives a the base of Blood Peak really deserve anything but death? Their meaningless existence growing brown weeds from the ground to do nothing but extend their short useless lives would serve to end the hunger of the Strigoi. He ate the women, and the children. Oh the children, such delicious young flesh. But the men, with their able bodies, they would serve in death as the Strigoi returned to conquer the empire and make it as it was.
— Leithel on

2. Share your work, share it often

Doesn't matter who you share it with, but share it with someone.   There are forums, blogs, Facebook groups and gaming groups everywhere who are always ready to show some appreciation or give you some feedback.  It doesn't matter if you're not good, feedback will help you get better and I find is fantastic motivation to get better.

3. Use the Internet

The internet is chock full of resources that can help you learn how to paint better.  You tube is one of the best resources around with fantastic channels ranging from beginner to expert.  Here are my two favourites but there are heaps more, if you find one that you really like let me know.

This is a fantastic painting training vlog for all ranges of painters from beginners to advanced.  Dr Faust delivers his painting tips very well with some really fun and interesting projects.

I only found this one relatively recently but if you're keen to get into wet blending and want to learn how to use those really expensive brushes well this is a great blog.  I haven't send them any money or joined their online community though, if anyone does I wouldn't mind hearing about it.